built to help
our planet

Reduce the internet's demand for fossil-fuels and help fund climate projects that have a positive impact on our planet.
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The internet emits more greenhouse gas than the entire aviation industry combined.
At the current rate, by 2030, it could account for 20% of the world's electricity demand.
Together, we're building a greener internet, one website at a time.

In the Green

We power our servers with 100% renewable energy sourced from solar and wind — ensuring a sustainable home for your website that's always ready to welcome visitors.

More of less.

We're constantly investing in new technology and evolving our development process — so we can design evermore efficient websites that demand less energy from the get-go.
Planting in Madagascar with Eden Projects.

Growing impact.

Collectively, we fund the restoration of healthy native forests that remove emissions from the atmosphere and help improve the livelihoods of surrounding communities.
Planting in Madagascar with Eden Projects.